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Maybe in the future, there'll be more than just text here, but probably not, because I'm lazy, and the links are the important part, anyway. In reverse chronological order:

Fuck The Police (Every Breath you Take)

NWA - Fuck Tha Police (vocals)
The Police - Every Breathe You Take (instrumental)
Special guest speaker: a random Wired documentary on police surveillance

So the original idea for this was due to a misreading of a Cracked article headline, in which I thought The Police and NWA had had a feud, rather than the police and NWA, which made a lot of sense. But when I realized The Police's most famous song could easily be repurposed into a song whose lyrics were about police surveillance rather than a creepy stalker, it definitely became more than that.

Smells Like Wellerman

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit - vocals + an instrumental arrangement by Karl Golden)
Nathan Evans - Wellerman

If you ever wondered what a sea shanty would sound like as as a grunge song... my brain did. It wanted it badly enough to spend way too much time synching everything. Two years too late to go viral on tiktok, but this isn't for tiktok anyway, this is for me.

I Can't Dance (the Night Away)

Genesis - I Can't Dance
Dua Lipa - Dance the Night Away

The reason for this one is also obvious. Actually, you could sort of say it's to redeem myself for the Britney Spears mashup I made ages ago with the same Genesis song, that didn't work nearly as well. This one practically made itself, they work so well.

Flowers in my Armor (Wizards in my Mashup)

Miley Cyrus - Flowers (vocals)
Trenthian & Brothersynthe - OC ReMix #1665: Wizards & Warriors 'Wizards in My Armor (Warrior in My Long Johns)' [Wizards & Warriors Title]

Optionally, v Gloria Steinem - I Will Survive: Flowers in my Armor (Wizards in my Mashup) (I Will Survive version)

This one has been bothering me for months and I couldn't rest until I did it justice - as soon as Flowers started being ever-present as soon as it came out, it started bugging me that I knew it sounded exactly like an NES song. Then I started remembering lyrics that went with it, I was like, oh yeah, Trenthian did a vocal cover, that's right, it was pretty epic, too. Then, after scouring the internet for any other similar instrumental version, but obviously coming up empty because Trenthian's style is definitely his own (and, again, epic), I realized: a couple years ago I'd seen someone post a link to an interesting site claiming to be able to separate vocals and non-vocals completely, using AI. So I tried it, and dang if it didn't work. So thanks, Trenthian, and thanks AI and the guy who gave me that site - I think this is the coolest mashup I've ever done.

I can't stress enough how well this works. I've never done a mashup with real counterpoint for the majority of the song, let alone where both vocal tracks also have their own independent harmonies, but these songs fit perfectly (I mean, I cut up the vocals and slotted them to fit, but the chord progressions.) On top of that, by complete accident, it's a breakup song about not needing the guy, vs a song that, through no fault of its own, is a guy singing about a woman as a literal object to be retrieved for a reward (again, nothing against it, it's a straight-up homage to an old platformer where "save the princess" was just what you did in those games, I'm just saying, the lyrics work.)

p.s. I also did a version with I Will Survive on top, too. Figured 3 part counterpoint might be too much for some, so I made two versions. :D

Gangsta's Ultimate Destiny

Lemon Demon - The Ultimate Showdown (Vocals)
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (instrumental) (and backing vocals, technically. Technically also Weird Al on backing vocals in parts, too)

This one exists for a single reason: so when "angels sang out, in immaculate chorus, as down from the heavens, descended Chuck Norris", that could actually be happening. The epic lyrics really do benefit from a less silly-sounding backing track.

Forgot about the Matterhorn

Eminem - Forgot about Dre
Disneyland - Matterhorn Yodelers

I honestly have no idea how my brain made this connection, but once it did... once again, I had to make it work.

My Neck, My Back, My Knees and Toes

My Neck My Back - Khia (vocals)
The Wiggles - Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (instrumental)

Once again, the reason for this should be obvious: it occurred to me that it needed to exist, and somehow, didn't previously. So now it does.

All Star (in the Dope Show

Smash Mouth - All Star
Marilyn Manson - Dope Show

Because it randomly occurred to me this morning that this needed to exist, for obvious reasons.

All I Want for Christmas is Bodies Hitting the Floor
Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas is You
Drowning Pool - Bodies (vocals)

This morning I walked into a Rite-Aid, and they were playing All I Want for Christmas again, it's everywhere you go, nonstop, and it's driving me crazy. I figured there needed to be a mashup that accurately reflected my feelings on this song at this point. Never knew incoherent screaming could sound so melodic!

Terrible Android Robots From Space
Obsidia - Android
Planetakis - Roboter
Laziest Men on Mars - The Terrible Secret of Space
(Cameos from Flight of the Conchords and the Space Cube from Portal)
Do you have stairs in your house? (Side-note: I wanted to get Kraftwerk's Die Roboter in there too, but it sadly didn't fit.)

G6 Style
Matt Johnson - Gangnam Heavy Style
Far East Movement - Like a G6 (pella)
Yeah, I know Gangnam Style is super played-out, but... is Gangnam Style done hard rock? Because this is a pretty epic cover I just found. The same guy also covered Like a G6, and my brain heard them together. I think it heard correctly.

Don't Stop Code Lyoko From Believin' In Orchestra
Walt Ribeiro - Code Lyoko 'A World Without Danger' (for Orchestra)
Walt Ribeiro - 'Don't Stop Believin' (for Orchestra)
Walt Ribeiro's For Orchestra series: still one of my favorite series of song arrangements, and he just keeps going. Someone asked recently, why doesn't he do more mashup-arrangements himself (having once done an extremely nifty arrangement of Street Fighter's Guile theme vs. Beethoven's 9th Symphony), and he said, because it costs more to license (unless one of the artists has been dead for centuries). Nothing stopping me from doing it for him, though; I'm not getting paid or anything. Here you go, gatoper. (Warning: Code Lyoko's theme song is totally a 4-chord song, and thus, apart from being a remix of the For Orchestra versions instead of the original, this was a completely obvious thing to make.) (Second warning: this thing is completely instrumental and orchestral.)

Living on a Stronger Orchestra
Walt Ribeiro - 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' (for Orchestra)
Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer (pella)
Britney Spears - Stronger (instrumental and occasional vocal samples)
Walt Ribeiro's For Orchestra series (an arrangement a week!) has been one of my favorite series of song arrangements for ages, and I wanted to make a mashup. When I heard his HBFS, I knew exactly what to do... but it needed more percussion. Then I remembered I'd also been wanting to make a HBFS mix with that dumb Spears song, but it'd never quite worked, and what I had to do became obvious.

Move Katana Blasters Along
Big Giant Circles - Katana Blaster
All American Rejects - Move Along (original augmented with the pella)
These two songs sound way similar. A while ago I fiddled around with the combination just to prove the point to myself, but they really did sound great together, so just now I decided to make an official mashup out of it. Oh, and despite recent appearances, yes I do still listen to things other than chiptunes.

Rock my Love
Rock My Shadows (instrumental)
Kitsune^2 - Rock My Emotions
Coldplay - White Shadows (instrumental)
JT - My Love (pella)
I was wandering around bandcamp kind of randomly, and I came upon this chiptune. It reminded me of about a half-dozen different songs... these were the ones that actually worked. Yes, JT got pitched up a bunch. I also liked the vocal-less version, just instrumental chippy Coldplay, so I uploaded that too, just in case you can't deal with a female-sounding JT.

On Peut Tous Iced Out
DCT - Iced Out Nine Twenty Two (see also: DCT - Memories Frozen in Time)
Manau - On Peut Tous RĂªver
I'm on a roll! I just couldn't place it, for the longest time - it finally hit me yesterday why that Manau song sounded so freaking familiar! That was the hard part - everything came together almost trivially afterwards. These really are pretty much the same song. Other than one has lyrics, obviously. Though I suppose DCT added lyrics later, too, I just got to it before that.

The Fireflies That Never Sleep
halc - The Forest That Never Sleeps
Owl City - Fireflies (pella)
I still live! When I heard that Remix the first time, while it's a great instrumental by itself - it certainly doesn't *need* vocals - still, the similarity was yelling itself out too much to resist the attempt. Then I forgot about it for a few months, anyway, cause I do that.

Yesterday Born Yesterday
Rob Dougan - Born Yesterday
The Beatles - Yesterday (pella)
This mashup was actually made like two years ago. Never got around to finishing mastering it. One more step closer to an entire Furious Angels mashup cd!

If U Seek A River
Timbaland/JT - Cry Me a River (instrumental)
Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy
I actually made another mashup? After like a year? Nifty. I just heard the Britney song, and I swore I'd already heard the instrumental a few years earlier... well, I think I was right.

I Think Bleeding Love Started a Trend
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (vocals)
Brad Sucks - I Think I Started a Trend (instrumental - full stems of all the songs on all his albums available at that link!)
I'm back! For the moment, anyway (the trend, of course, being mashups that use the Bleeding Love pella). But nobody uses Brad Sucks stuff, which saddened me enough to make this, when I realized just how similar they could be, given only the smallest amount of prodding. Now go buy his cds, and download his stems!

Thoughts of a Dying Nerdcore Rapper
ytcracker - Meganerd (pella)
Muse - Thoughts of a Dying Atheist (mental)
More nerdcore, yay! I got to see ytcracker perform at Comic-Con this year... he's pretty good, but I think I like this instrumental better than the original.

Turkish Taffy
D4L - Laffy Taffy (pella)
Valjean - Marshmellow Pudding
Alternate title: I can be sillier than Party Ben, just watch me. The instrumental came from this album, which didn't really need my help to be silly - but it had "mashin'" in its name, so it needed to get mashed.

Black Holes and Scientific Revelations
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (instrumental)
Alpinekat - LHC Rap (pella - publicly available at that link!)
As I'm sure you're all aware, in about a month, the LHC is going to cross the streams, and suck the world into a black hole. And meanwhile, bug-eyed monsters will be flying around taking camera footage of the Easter Bunny riding the Loch Ness Monster! In commemoration of the upcoming apocalypse, I have returned from a rather lengthy getting-addicted-to-WoW break, to post this track. Enjoy(?). And, while I'm at it...

Put You On the Video Game
Attack Slug - Backlog (pella - entire album and all its vocals publicly available at that link!)
The Game - Put You On the Game (instrumental and vocal pieces)
Nerdcore hip-hop will reign surpreme, so sayeth its creator, MC Frontalot - who, incidentally, I get to see live in a couple weeks! But Frontalot, however awesome he might be, didn't release all his pellas like Attack Slug did. I didn't think the instrumental on that track was that great, so I decided to give it something more fitting. Yeah, it's a rap vs. rap A+B, so sue me. Attack Slug wants more mashups of his stuff! He even asked for it in lolcat on his website! Give the guy what he wants!

Sexy Loch
Prophecy - Shoddy Loch (from the Cave Story remix project)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (acapella)
Not much to say about this one. Many ages ago, I downloaded the results of that project, and found it for the most part a bit bland. Decent, but bland. And what do you with decent, but somewhat bland instrumental tracks? Make them more interesting with ridiculous vocals!

Somebody Must Fall
Kenny Chou - One Must Fall 2097 Menu Music
The Killers - Somebody Told Me (acapella)
This pella, I'm well aware, is one of the most mashed-up pellas in existence. And now I've joined the large horde of people who've used it. I don't think it's been seen in a song with an obscure old fighting game until now, though. OMF2097 was actually pretty inspired for its time, and also had a phenomenal soundtrack. Once again, the two simply screamed to be put together (but then, everything goes with Somebody Told Me).

I Want To Break Free (From High School)
Queen - I Want To Break Free (instrumental, and vocal bits)
High School Musical - Breaking Free (pella)
So, my little sister forced me to watch High School Musical a while ago... as it turns out, it's actually pretty dang good. Cheesy like insane, but it does a good job making sure the audience knows the cheesiness is intentional, and letting them in on the joke. In any case, when I heard this song, I started cracking up, as I knew I just had to try it with this instrumental. Interesting story on the pella for this one - I actually found a recording of the two soloists singing it a cappella, floating around on the internet. Perfect isolation, but the bitrate was awful. There's also a fairly messy diy on a4u. Either one by itself didn't sound very good, but put together (and with a little bit of tweaking), I hardly notice anything, and hopefully you won't either. Anyway, here it is - a song cheesier than pure cheese.

Lose the Game
Disturbed - The Game (instrumental)
Eminem - Lose Yourself (pella)
I lost the game, and, if you know of it, so did you. I'd been trying to make a game-losing mix of my own to compete with Aggro1's wonderful Games People Lose for some time now, and I've finally gone and done it. Yeah, it's a rap A+B, so sue me.

Behind These Green Eyes
Coldplay - Green Eyes (instrumental)
Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes (pella)
There's just something exhilarating about taking a slow love song, speeding it up a bunch, and dropping a breakup song over it. Yeah, I know Coldplay has been mixed to death... but I don't think this particular track has gotten much attention, so I don't feel too bad about putting yet another Coldplay mix out onto the internet. Amusingly, the original idea involved a much different song about eye color, which might or might not have been by The Who... but there are a lot of songs about eye color, and when I went into my mp3 collection, Coldplay is what I ended up pulling out.

30 Seconds To Mars Isn't Driving Any More
30 Seconds to mars - Stronger (Kanye cover)
Rob Dougan - I Am Not Driving Any More (instrumental)
4 Dougan songs down! When I heard this cover of Stronger, it just screamed to be mixed with Dougan. The fun part was faking something that sounded like an acapella out of it, but I think I did a decent job of that. Other than that, everything just fit together exactly as I thought it would. Now the only problem is, I just can't stop listening to this...

Johnny Cash Machine
Johnny Cash - Hurt (separated instrumental and vocals - thanks, Aggro1!)
Hard-Fi - Cash Machine (pella)
Another one of those mixes that had to be done for the title, especially once Aggro1 gave me the separated parts to play with for Cash's Hurt. Voicedude already covered Papa Was A Rolling Stone, so this was next on the list. Just a simple-ish A+B, excepting that Cash has no consistent tempo, so I had fun chopping the vocals all the hell up to fit them in. Fun!

Call On Oasis
Oasis - Wonderwall
Eric Prydz - Call On Me
This was actually one of the first mashup ideas I ever had, and had been sitting on my computer in an almost-finished state for years. At the time, I threw it away and forgot about it because I really wanted at least a small bit of clean Oasis vocal sample, and that just didn't exist (still doesn't, as far as I'm aware). But, out of boredom, I was digging through all my old, unfinished stuff, and realized that this was actually pretty decent even without any separated Oasis bits. So I poked at it a bit, using all the knowledge of mixing I've learned since then, and here it is! Interesting side-note: one of the two original songs is about a quarter of a halfstep out of key (I think it's Oasis being flat, but I could be wrong, as I don't have perfect pitch; all I know is that I had to pitch up the Oasis samples 1.25 halfsteps.)

Zombie Scientists
Coldplay - The Scientist (instrumental and vocal versions)
Miser - Zombie (The Cranberries cover)
At least a year in the "making", this one came together reasonably quickly after discovering the Miser cover. Zombie and The Scientist sound very similar, but at the time I made that discovery, I didn't have an instrumental version of either; furthermore, Zombie's tempo jumps all the hell over the place, making it rather difficult to mix with anything. Since that discovery, though, I got an instrumental for the Coldplay, and found this cover, which plays the Cranberries tune darker and straighter. Both instrumentals are playing the whole time - I just mix up the vocals.

Jenny From the Block Rockin' Beats
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
J. Lo - Jenny From the Block (pella)
Yeah, yeah, I did this for the title and you can tell, and yeah, the J.Lo pella is one that every mashup artist and his mother have already used... but these go so nicely together! I was so tempted to stick some Queen (We Will Rock You) in there, but decided against it at the last minute, as being too ridiculous, and not in the good way. So, just a plain old A+B.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Purple Derbies
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze (instrumental)
Smashup Derby - Sweet Dreams (pella) (well, technically, it's the acapella to Sweet Nation Army Dreams, but the vocals are all Sweet Dreams)
The Hendrix instrumental is one I recently picked up, and just had to use with something. At first, I heard it with Manson's cover of Sweet Dreams, but I had a pella for the Smashup Derby cover, so I tried that instead, and it worked great. Thanks, Smashup Derby, for such a useful pella!

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Song
The Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (instrumental + backing vocals)
Usher - Yeah! (acapella)
So, this was another of those songs that just had to be done, especially when I got ahold of the necessary instrumental. I apologize for using vocals to a crappy song not once, but twice... but it simply could not be helped. Amusingly, the original idea involved a significant amount of Destiny's Child (namely, No, No, No), with a little bit of Usher, but the former sounded funny next to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, while the latter sounded just right. So there you are.

Freak Me Once
Rick James - Superfreak
Kelis - Trick Me (instrumental)
I was off looking for a different instrumental entirely, when I found this one. Not about to turn down any instrumentals, I downloaded it for later. Then, I listened to a bit of it, and it became obvious what needed to be done. The Trick me vocals have been way overused, but not so much with the instrumental - and it really does sound much like Rick James might've come up with, if he'd been in charge of producing the instrumental for a crappy pop song.

Max Don't Have Sex With 300 Exes
E-Rotic - Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
OMEGA - Max 300
This started as a joke. In fact, it still is a joke. But it started out as a friend saying someone totally needed to make this, not expecting that it would actually get made. So I had to do it. I will admit, I didn't expect it to work half as well as it did - I had to lower the pitch on the latter song way too much - but it's still listenable, so I release it in the hopes that it will amuse any other players of DDR as much as it amused me.
(Note to non-DDR-players: the joke is that there's a whole series of ridiculously difficult songs, the Max series, all with names starting with "Max", and all at like 300bpm. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex is, of course, not part of that series, but totally should be.)

My Lovely Lumps
Justin Timberlake - My Love
Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
I know both of these tracks are done to death, but I couldn't help it... the lyrics work too well together. Hence, as I worked on it, it became less and less of an A+B... until it ended up basically a duet.

Mad World Going Round
Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around (Comes Around)
Tears For Fears - Mad World
I actually started working on this one long before the one below it. But it took a long time to get it to sound the way I wanted - which mostly meant cutting it down to a semi-reasonable length, as both the source tracks are long, and like I always do, I wanted to include as much of both songs as possible. That and I really like the ending on What Goes Around, which happens to be a couple minutes long by itself.

Numb World (Encore)
The Red Paintings - Mad World
Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Numb/Encore (instrumental)
I'd been wishing for a decent remix involving Gary Jules' cover of Mad World, for ages. I know, now, why I've never seen one: the tempo is all over the place. The Red Paintings' cover of that brilliant cover, however, is much more restrained, and just as pretty; thus, you see that here. I do believe this is the most postmodern thing I have ever done, being a mix of, on one side, a cover of a cover, and on the other side, the instrumental version of a previous remix.

Teenage Wastebag
The Who - Baba O'Riley
Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
Tags: (A+B)(B+A), Due To Silly Title, little bit ridiculous. Despite being something I wanted to make solely for the title, though, I think this one came out quite nicely. I obviously didn't have any parts separated; it was another one of those I pieced together directly out of the unaltered originals.
P.S. It was pretty nice of The Who to sing the Important Line pretty much a cappella - it gave me the ability to pretend I had a pella for the one piece of the vocal I really needed one on. That was a fun discovery.

Sweet Hoes Alabama
Ludacris - Area Codes (pella)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama (instrumental)
Alternate title: anything DJ Mei-Lwun can do, I can do better. Yeah, Sweet Home Alabama is way overplayed, and yeah, the Ludacris pella is a really dumb piece of rap-pop (hip-pop?), but they go so well together! I just couldn't help it... I'm embarrassed about this one, source-wise.

Can't Get Halo Out of My Head
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of my Head
OneUp Studios - Halo
So, a while back, I downloaded the OneUp Studios' free(!) club game music EP. There was some decent stuff on it (especially for something that was originally going to be purchaseable, but which the band then forgot about, and then ages later, decided to make freely available on the internet). But this one track... it basically sounded like it was trying to rip off Kylie. So I helped them out.

Doctor Mario's On Drugs
Eminem - Purple Pills
virt - Dr. Mario
Continuing the tradition of mixing video game music with related rap... this is Eminem's ode to pills, set to the music of a game that's all about pills. It had to get done.

Bust a Move
Young MC - Bust a Move
Bust a Move OST (track two of the spc)
Another thing I'd been meaning to make for ages: that "classic" rap tune, mixed with the music from the game that shares its name. Came out pretty well, I think. Mixed with the original OST track this time, not a remix thereof!

We Aren't the Firestarters
The Prodigy - Firestarter
Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire
This one's just for fun - it's certainly not the greatest thing I've made. In fact, it's kinda dirty-sounding - I blame The Prodigy for that. Even though it's mostly my fault. But it was so much fun - and yeah... it's another one of those songs that just had to get made, for reasons of lyrical content.

Only Me (and Dougan)
Rob Dougan - There's Only me (instrumental and vocal versions)
Nine Inch Nails - Only (vocals and various bits - thanks, Interscope!)
Continuing the trend of (A+B)(B+A) mashups between two songs with basically the same name - and the trend of using Dougan's thoughtfully provided instrumentals - here's a mashup I'd been meaning to do for like a year, that I only just now got around to. I was amazed how quickly everything came together once I started. 3 down, 7 to go for a Dougan mash cd!

Muse and Korn Have a Falling Out
Muse - Falling Away With Me (instrumental)
Korn - Falling Away From Me (acapella)
So, whenever I see a song with a name very similar to another song's name, I like to check whether they're similar in other ways. In this case, it turns out they were (same key, almost the same tempo), and I already had an instrumental and a pella, so I started playing with them, and after a lot of tweaking (Muse is hard to sit other vocals on), this came out.

Larger Than Real Big
Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life
Mannie Fresh - Real Big
I'd been wanting to do this one for ages. I know, it's hard to take any song by the Backstreet Boys seriously, but I think I did a pretty darn good job on this one, anyway. Pretty much a straight A+B, though with a bit of cutting up of the vocals. Contains much adult language, including a certain word for a female dog repeated over and over again.

Lose Profundity
Hooverphonic - Plus Profond
Missy Elliott - Lose Control (acapella)
Originally, I had different plans for this acapella (a cappella-related plans, if you were curious - that one might still get done at some point)... but then I heard Hooverphonic, and the match was just too obvious, lyrically. To the listener, it's just a simple A+B, but I actually had to do a decent amount of work grabbing little bits of the instrumental and piecing them together. Which was fun - I hadn't had to do that before.

Toxic Angels
Rob Dougan - Furious Angels (instrumental + some backup vocals)
Britney Spears - Toxic (acapella + some backup instrumentation)
Another Rob Dougan boot, the title track this time - to me, Dougan just yells to be mixed with, given that a. I love the music, and b. his cd thoughtfully provided me with instrumental mixes of every non-instrumental song he's recorded. I just might try to make an actual mashup cd of Furious Angels, but in the meantime, here's Toxic, done orchestral/electronic style.

Bucky Done Balloon Fights
po! - Da Craziest Balloon (Balloon Fight)
M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun (acapella)
M.I.A. - uraqt (acapella)
I totally wasn't going to use any more source tracks from the vgmixing community until I made some mashups that branched off more, first. But this instrumental track just screamed, "I need vocals!" So I had to oblige it.

Odyssey Beyond the Porcelain
Vurez - Odyssey Beyond the Falls (Mega Man 6)
Moby - Porcelain
So yeah, it's another OCRemix mashup. This idea actually occured to me long before I'd ever even thought about making mashups. Of course, the idea at that point wasn't "I should mix these", but simply, "wow, these two songs sound identical". Once I'd been exposed to the bastard pop culture, though, the next time I listened to Vurez's song, what I needed to do was obvious. So I did.

Yeah! It's Mario 2!
McVaffe - Underground Riddims (SMB 2)
Koji Kondo - Underground (SMB 2)
Usher - Yeah! (acapella)
Originally, I had the idea to mix the original Mario 2 underground theme with Yeah! They went together reasonably well, but while I thought it was amusing, it certainly wasn't exciting. Then I realized - McVaffe's remix is sort of like the original, but way more exciting. So I stuck that in there, mixed the original into the background, and voila!

All Your Lifestyle Are Belong To Us
The Orange Mage - Wingless Flight (Zero Wing)
The Beastie Boys - Lifestyles (acapella)
So I was listening to various vgmixes, and came across an arrangement of the infamous Zero Wing theme (source of "All your base are belong to us", and so on) that struck me in an interesting way. Specifically, I thought it was a great background tune, but really didn't have enough going on to make it worthy of listening on its own. Obviously, the way to fix that is to add some vocals! So I did.

I Like Models to Move It
Kraftwerk - The Model
Reel 2 Real - I Like 2 Move It (acapella)
It's a bit silly, but for those who like Kraftwerk, you might like this... the additional vocals makes the original a bit less sparse - it was originally so sparse I didn't even need to find an instrumental to fit the vocals in.

Left Me For a Hidden place
Bjork - Hidden Place (acapella)
Rob Dougan - Left Me For Dead (instrumental + some vocals)
Ok, so I think this one is really awesome. Maybe I'm just biased.

Eating Chips at a Gay Bar on Christmas
Electric Six - Gay Bar (acapella)
Hally - Xmas Songs Arcade Punk Mix (instrumental, from
The Starman theme from Super Mario Brothers 1
My first mix, and something rather silly. I think it came out relatively well:

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