Hello, and welcome to the page of random stuff! You're one of the lucky few to stumble upon it! And I mean that literally now, as opposed to earlier, when nobody came here besides me. I should probably make it actually look good sometime, but I'm kind of too lazy (note: that sentence has existed on this page for almost 10 years now). Anyway, here's what's up:

Stupid Quotes Last Update 5/13/06. I've been collecting them since junior high. Over a hundred personally-certified stupid quotes. Doesn't get updated much anymore, but still funny.
Random Quotes Last Update... whenever, I dunno. Amusing quotes from famous people, amusing quotes from friends, amusing quotes from random websites and things you would have had to have been there to get (those being mostly the "from friends").
Mashups. I've been getting into this genre of music wherein you take bits and pieces of already-produced music, and string them together to make new compositions. I figured I should probably have an actual page for them all, so people can stumble upon them the way I stumbled upon other peoples' (peoples' who, of course, are way better than I ever will be, but whatever).

If you want to email me, for some reason, one of my several email address is: neminREMOVETHISPARTem@gmail.com - I don't feel like getting spammed by bots, so remove the obvious part from that address first.